U&I 2022 Keynote Speakers

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A Very Different Conference
Together is Strong

Less fluff and more fierce…

A Community of Changemakers

If you are going to take on your world why not do it from a position of strength? We need each other in times of greatness and in times of contemplation.

Wisdom and practical steps to take on your world is everything the U&I Conference is about. Let’s actually change our world. Together.

The U&I Conference Systems

Transformational Talks


World-Class Workshops

Purpose Pals

Epic things happen when we support each other.

Four women enjoying
Mom and Daughter Walking Together In the Forest
Women Being Interviewed In a Library
Women Portrait
Women Praying for Each other
Hands Together in Unity

The Table is Set for U&I

The U&I Conference is all about coming together to help each other grow, learn, fight, and find our purpose. Together we are stronger.

Tickets are sold out.

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The U&I Conference is the convergence of the uplifting environment and inspirational messages that allow us to come together and grow like never before.

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