Julie Bates

Julie Bates is a clinical psychologist, mother of four, and a trained speaker. She completed training with the Ziglar corporation, Gallup Strength finders, and is currently a student with Charis Bible college. She has been a psychologist in private practice for over 20 years completing psychological evaluations for children, teenagers, and adults. Recently, she has focused her training on moving away from looking at pathology and what is “wrong” with people and instead looking at what is “right” with people. We can spend all our time trying to improve our weaknesses to the point of becoming mediocre or adequate, or we can focus on building our strengths to become exceptional.

Who told you that you were naked?

Session Description
Every day we are bombarded with messages. Messages about the world, messages about ourselves, messages about our lives. So many of those messages are negative, confusing, overwhelming. People are struggling. They are struggling with anxiety, fear, stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, self-condemnation. They are wondering, “What is wrong with me?” They feel naked, exposed, and vulnerable. But the very act of focusing on what is wrong, focusing on pathology, focusing on what is missing, creates the dis-ease that we are trying to overcome. We start hearing that small voice speaking pain and hurt into us. We don’t stop to think, “Who said that to me? Who told me that I was naked?” What if we listened to what is right with us? God created us to be exceptional; to have power, hope, faith, joy, peace, love, and happiness. We already have that inside of us, we just need to learn to access it. The Strength Finders test helps people find understanding of where they are excellent, where they are unique. It creates their ultimate Strengths Story that focuses on what is RIGHT about them. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Let’s create that story!

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