Kerrie Mitten

Karrie is an award winning, certified, transformational life coach, speaker, and internationally bestselling author of two books, The Sacred Dance, and Short, Sweet, and Sacred Volume Two. She is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release, and Hypnotherapy. For the past 15 years, Karrie has worked to find new ways of empowering men and women to live their life with purpose and passion. By living a life of constantly redefining herself in the corporate world, Karrie became a passionate, heart-centered support system for men and women struggling to feel confident in their lives. She helps men and women find their true passion, and to live out their soul’s purpose.
Karrie locks arms with her clients and guides them through several programs, each tailored to the needs of her client, with love, compassion, and experience, to live a life they truly love living! As a speaker, Karrie’s dynamic, energetic, and interactive talks leave the audience feeling empowered and motivated! As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, Karrie installs strategies to remove the negative energy that is keeping you stuck and take back the power that these negative emotions have had over you!

Level Up You

Session Description
An interactive workshop style talk helping you to get clear on who you REALLY are, why you are REALLY here, and what steps you can take to REALLY live a life you love! This high action, entertaining session will leave you with actionable takeaways to LEVEL UP your life immediately! Join Karrie on this adventure in to YOU!

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