Lynn Figone

After retiring from a 30-year career in agriculture, Lynn has shifted gears to helping those in her community; she is a Peer Support Specialist as well as working with those who have disabilities to stay independent in their homes. Her focus on advocating and empowerment is ever present in her life, calling on the life lessons learned over the last 17 years navigating life as a single mom of 2 two amazing kids. And though there were times of not enough food or money, the cultivated resiliency or the “no other choice but to be strong” mentality helped Lynn overcome, thrive and in turn help others see their way out of the chaos.

There’s comfort in the chaos

Session Description
When our lives are in a chaotic state due to different stressors, we start to accept and welcome the chaos as it’s familiar and oddly comfortable. As a single mom for the last 17 years, I found comfort in the chaos daily until one pivotal day I decided to make a change not only for myself but my family. During our session together we will talk about how to recognize the chaos and how to apply simple strategies to say goodbye to the chaos and hello to finding comfort in the peace you create

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