Preslea Thompson

Preslea Thompson has always loved the hospitality industry. In college, she worked at high-end restaurants and bars, where she discovered her passion for bartending. She loves the creativity it allows her and adores connecting with customers on a personal level.
After graduating from Texas Tech university with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Human Resources, Preslea, who hails from the small town of Throckmorton, Texas, knew that bartending in all of its fast-paced glory, was the career she wanted to pursue, “Bartending is what put me through school and it doesn’t feel like a job to me because I am so passionate about it and love what I do,” She shares.
While working at a local bar, Preslea met her husband, Travis, and the duo hit it off right away they have been together for more than 10 years now, and after getting married, they welcomed their pride and joy, their son, Kaiser. Preslea knew that she wanted to build a business that would provide for her family while also allowing her to pursue her passion.
After working many private events Preslea’s friends and family encouraged her to start her own bartending service business. In 2017, she launched Preslea Thompson Bartending, LLC, a professional, certified, licensed and insured bartending service for Lubbock and surrounding areas.


Crafting Cocktails and Non-Boozy Beverages at Home

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Learn how to mix cocktails like the pros! Tom Cruise may or may not make an appearance…LOL. This session teaches you the finer points of the cocktail arts such as styles of cocktails, bar tools, bar glassware, fun recipes using our cocktail syrups, and so much more.

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