Sommer Leigh

Sommer has a passion for women who are ready to reconnect with themselves after a devastating, toxic relationship. Sommer is a Narcissist Abuse Specialist, Brain spotting practitioner, DISC profile analyst, Somatic-trauma informed coach, Advocate against narcissist abuse, Survivor, and trauma-informed coach.

How to navigate life after a toxic relationship and cultivate a new self-image.

Session Description
Please enter a brief description of what your session is about: Awareness and psychology the egomaniac does not want you to know. No, you are not crazy, and I promise you are not alone. Who is this for? Anyone who is getting out of a toxic relationship or is living on a roller coaster of confused emotions, feeling alone and crazy. Anyone who has a friend/family in a toxic relationship and wants to gain an understanding of what is going on in their brain and body. Anyone who has been out of a toxic relationship, but still feels the emotional effects, and cannot seem to find peace within themselves. Anyone who has found themselves in another toxic cycle. It is time to break- free and gain awareness, understanding, and tools to break the cycle and cultivate a new self-image. You will leave feeling inspired and realize that you are not alone in your battles.

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