Tina Schooler

2020, Raider West Farms was born.
When I’m not out playing in the lavender, I’m in my laboratory—I mean, kitchen—experimenting with the culinary uses for my favorite flowering herb. Through persistence and sheer stubbornness, I’ve managed to craft a line of lavender-infused cocktail and coffee syrups (lavender, lemon, vanilla, peach, and cranberry), lemonade/limeade mixes, cocktail salts and sugars, and a fudge sauce that is to die for on homemade vanilla ice cream—all using the lavender grown right here on our farm. Recently, we’ve expanded into botanical-infused syrups (rose, hibiscus, mint, and rosemary), which pair wonderfully with our any of our lavender syrups.
I love entertaining and enjoy hosting mixology-style workshops, showcasing fun and easy ways to make lavender cocktails and other non-boozy beverages using our products at home.
What began as a retirement plan, should we ever get the urge to slow down, has morphed into a full-blown family business, and we couldn’t be happier.

Crafting Cocktails and Non-Boozy Beverages at Home

Session Description
Learn how to mix cocktails like the pros! Tom Cruise may or may not make an appearance…LOL. This session teaches you the finer points of the cocktail arts such as styles of cocktails, bar tools, bar glassware, fun recipes using our cocktail syrups, and so much more.

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